Boskoop, 22-08-2021

Dear Music Friends,

Its been some time you've heard from me but I'm still there and I'm happy to write you that the Band and I can do some gigs again, see the Tour Dates on this website!
In the meantime I have a new album out!!


Available from my site or via Amazon,CD baby, and many others!

Best regards,

Boskoop, 22-08-2021
Dear Music Friends,
It's been some time you've heard from me but I'm still there and I'm happy to write you that the Band and I can do som gigs again, see the Tour Dates!
In the meantime I have a new album out!!

Available from my website or via Amazon, CD baby, and many others!
Hoping to see you soon or hearing from you by mail or facebook.
Take care,
Boskoop, 17-05-2017

Dear Music Friends,

Quite a lot of gigs this Summer and… we have a big show in our own Flora Theatre here in Boskoop on the first of December 2017, presenting the new album!!!!!!


Looking forward te see you there!!

Best regards,

Johnny V.
Boskoop, 07-10-2016
Dear Friends,
Its been sometime I’ve written to you,  a few more songs to write and then I’m going into the studio in December
to record the new album “Mirrortree”.
Very happy that we’ll record in the Knight Area studio again with my good friend Gerben Klazinga and also happy to say that another good friend
David Sherrington will be involved as well!
March 2017 will be release month  if everything is going according plan, looking forward!
Take care,
Boskoop, 30-10-2015

Dear friends,

Its been some time I’ve written to you, sorry!
A lot happened this year, this week my best friend Hans van Duijvenbode died, he was my mate for over 25 years, a music lover and musician, some of you have met him during concerts in our club The Stables!
He was a great man, I’ll mis him!
I’m still working on the new album, I’ve met some very good musicians recently who would like to be involved!
I’ll will be back on the road soon and looking forward to do some gigs with Kathy Ziegler,  Amanda Pearcy and others.

Keep you informed and hoping to see you soon!

Johnny V.
Boskoop, 03-12-2014
Dear friends,

Another year went nearly by,  soon it will be 2015!

I wish you all a great Xmas and a beautiful 2015 with a lot of fun, enjoy life!

On December 20 I’ll do my last show of 2014 in The Stables together with my friend David Sherringham on the sax and as special guest Terry Emm (UK).

Looking forward to complete my new album in the coming year!!
All the best,

Boskoop, 7-11-2013

We’re very proud, our new DVD which is available now,  “Live at Flora” which will be broadcasted by Alphen Stad  Television.
Our show was recorded with 4 cameras and the result is very nice, thanks Fred and crew and Flora Theatre Boskoop!
At present we’re preparing  recording a new album!!

Looking forward!


Boskoop, 01-08-2013

In a few weeks I’ll start recording for my new album “Mirrortree”
again with my friend/producer Gerben Klazinga (Knight Area) in the Knight Area studio in Boskoop.
I’ve written 5 new songs so far and we’re busy rehearsing them with the Friends in our own “Stables”.
Also a brand new song from my friend Phillip Goodhand Tait “ Tender to recall” which has never been recorded before!

In the meantime we have a new Johnny Verger “Mirrortree” T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Euro 25,-

Boskoop, 18-02-2013
What a night last saterday 16th Febr.  in the Flora Theatre in Boskoop.
Close to sold out and a great gig, everybody was very happy after the show, we the band and the public.
Looking forward to the T.V tapes, I’ve heard they are very good including the sound this time!
Thanks to everybody who was involved and helping us out, you did a great job, looking forward to next year.
Boskoop, 14-05-2012

Dear  friends,

It’s been some time I’ve  written to you!
We’ve done quite a lot of shows lately and still some to do before the holidays, looking forward to some days off!
Soon I’ll start writing for the new album which will be released 2013.
It will be the last Mirror album, after “ Mirror of Forgotten Dreams” and “ Between Mirrors”.
Looking forward to be in the studio again and produce some beautiful songs!

I would like to remind you that we do a big show again in the Floratheatre here in Boskoop on February 16 – 2013, with as special guests
Ad van der Veen and Kersten de Ligny, this will be a great show!!
Boskoop, 13 december 2011

Dear Friends,
Yesterday was a very sad day, that day we’ve buried my our deerest Willy Barends, only 57 years old!
She was a member of my band The Friends (she is on my latest album Between Mirrors singing on Wake Up and Freedom Wins the part Faith is in your body etc).
We’ll miss her very much and wishing Ronald, her husband and our friend, (also member of The Friends Sax and Clarinet) and their children much strength in these dark days!
She will be in our minds forever!!

Boskoop 30-09-2011

What a show!!!

A great day it was, saterday September 24 the release of my new CD “Between Mirrors” in the Flora Theatre here at Boskoop.

The theatre was full with very enthusiastic spectators who gave us a standing ovation after our show, I’ll never forget it!

Everything worked perfect, the band was great, the guests Edo Donkers, Phillip Goodhand- Tait and Barnaby Bright were top!!!!

Thank you all very very much!!

A special thank you for our mayor Coos Rijsdijk who did the presentation with flair and my guestmusicians Ap Geers (top!), Xander van Marion (great!) and last but not least my super producer and friend Gerben Klazinga!!

For my friends/musicians Ted Valk, Ronald and Willy Barends,Elly Rijsdijk, Ron Vunderink, Henk van Os and my dearest Karin Thoms, I love you all!!!!

Your sincerely,

Johnny Verger.

Boskoop 19-08-2011

Yesterday I did the last recordings for my new album “Between Mirrors”, the song I did was “Wings of Silk” it’s a beautiful song and I’m very happy with it!

A great “Thanks” already to Gerben Klazinga (The Wizzard) and Ted (Thaddeus) Valk who were with me yesterday and doing so much good work for me, you’re great guys!

Also thanks to Jankees Braam who did all the lay out and the booklet and Fred v.d. Heiden he did and still does a lot of filming for this album.

Special thanks to Ap Geers, Jimmy Smith and Roland Wolff they can play the guitar so good, you will be surprised!!

And ofcourse Tamara Obreskova (what a voice!!!!)

I would also like to thank the American singer songwriter Beth Wimmer who wrote beaufiful words for the introduction of “Between Mirrors”.
She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she makes beautiful music.
Her last album Gosts&Men is awesome!!

Thanks dear Beth!!!

Also involved are great musicians such as;

Karin Thoms (my partner, advicer and coach )
Ronald Barends (we did it!)
Xander van Marion ( great job!)

Willy Barends (you’ve made me very happy!)
Coos Rijsdijk (master in percussion!)
Elly Rijsdijk (Francoise)
Henk van Os (truly one of us)
And Ron Vunderink (its good to have you with us)

Boskoop, 27 july

The wellknown English singer songwriter Phillip Goodhand Tait will play the piano on the titletrack of my new album “Between Mirrors”, I’m very pleased!

Also 3 great guitarists are playing on the album ; Jimmy Smith who plays a lot with Kieran Halpin (England, ) Roland Wolff of Riviera (Germany) and Ap Geers who also did the solo on Hang on to a Dream on my last album “Mirror of Forgotten Dreams”.

Thanks guys for your support!!!!!!!!

Today (6th of June) starts the Ticketsales for my releaseparty of my new CD in the Floratheater here in Boskoop!!!

!! Ticketsales !!

Boskoop, 7 April

Saterday 30 April (Queensday)

Johnny Verger “live” 15.30 -17.00

“Kom over de brug”Festival”


Boskoop, April 4

Dear musicfriends,

Soon I’m going into the studio again for recording more songs!
I’ve written 8 new songs now which we’re rehursing every Tuesdaynight with my band!
On April 30 we will play some of the songs during a festival here in Boskoop (Floragebouw).
I’m looking forward!

Keep you informed!



Boskoop, 6 december 2010 !

Dear musicfriends,

Hello from a cold and wintery Boskoop!

We’re living in the last days of 2010, soon it will be 2011!

December 30 I will be back in the studio of Gerben to start with a new CD !

The album will be released September 24 -2011 in the new Floratheatre here in Boskoop with a lot of guests (Barnaby Bright (USA), Edo Donkers, Eric Devries NL.) and possibly Phillip Goodhand Tait (England) and Beth Wimmer (USA) and more!

It will be a big show “An evening with Johnny Verger and Friends” I’ll keep you informed!

The album will be called “Between Mirrors” and as I wrote earlier all own songs!

Gerben will be the producer again but my own band: Karin Thoms, Ronald Barends and Ted Valk, will be involved too and also some guests!

Keep you posted!!

Best regards,

Johnny Verger

Dear musicfriends 18-10-2010

Sales are going very well with “Mirror of Forgotten Dreams”, were also in the cataloque of now, the biggest internetshop of Holland and we have regular airplay at several radiostations (Keep your secrets is quite popular)!

Filmmaker Wouter Bolier made some beautifull clips of Perfect day, Dolphins and an interview of “The making of” with myself in and around The Stables, you can see them on youtube and on my site.

Thanks Wouter, great job!

Soon will be started with the new album, I’ve written several songs now and we are rehursing them several times a week in The Stables .

All tracks on the new album will be written by myself, as you know (see Press) was the press very possitive about my own songs on “Mirror” .

The new album will be be produced (again) by Gerben Klazinga and I’m looking forward to work again with my friend Gerben.

Thanks for reading!


Johnny Verger

Dear musicfriends, 28-05-2010

Finally the new album “Mirror of Forgotten Dreams” is for sale! 16th of May was a great day for me, the release with as special guest my dear friend Beth Wimmer from the U.S.A who gave a great show in The Stables, our own little venue in Boskoop.
The place was too small for all the people who were there, so some had to stay outsite but the weather was nice and the door open so they were o.k!
My good friend and major of Boskoop Coos Rijsdijk gave me the first CD and he sang a beautiful song about me, thanks for that Coos!
The press was there too ( Cees Bakker a musician himself, we played in Toolbox together) and he wrote a nice article in the local newspaper.
Radio Hoekse Waard who broadcasted one hour of music of Beth and me and radio Beverwijk who plays our songs as well, thanks for that!
See the images on Gallery!

Dear musicfriends, (Boskoop 05-05-2010)

"Live" on Dutch TV (link)
Dear musicfriends, (Boskoop 31-3-2010)

Good news, the release of my new album

“Mirror of Forgotten Dreams”

will be the 16th of May!

Starting at 16.00 there will be a musical happening with as special guest the American singer/songwriter

Beth Wimmer (
I’ll play together with a band several songs of “Mirror”

Place; The Stables

Wijkdijk 54

2771 nc Boskoop/Holland

Tel; 0031654953787

Hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Dear musicfriends (Boskoop 05-01-2010)


The cover of the new album

"Mirror of forgotten dreams"

is ready!
Best regards,

Johnny V.

Dear friends (27-11-2009)

Last Wednesday 25th of November, Gerben and I finished the last song and mastered it all!


is ready for pressing!

Jankees made some beautiful photos last Sunday and he is finalising the lay out now and I’m sure he will come out with something very special!

Shortly I will inform you about the songs and the lyrics which will be on the site!

There will be a limited edition of the album (CD + Tshirt)!

If you want one you can preorder these ( Euro 25,-),

Keep you informed!

Best regards,

Johnny V.

Dear musicfriends, (12-11-2009)

Yesterday 11th of November I’ve recorded a new song with lyrics of Monique Mol and music of Gerben and myself.

Its called “SHADOWCHILD”

Its the story about her son Justin and I think it’s become a very special song!

I will put it on “Mirror” as a bonustrack!

Keep you informed!


Johnny V.

Dear musicfriends (04-11-2009)

Today we’ve finished the last recordings of the new album;

“Mirror of forgotten dreams”:

On “How can we hang on to a dream”, written by the late Tim Hardin,
Mr. Ap Geers plays a beautiful solo on Spanish guitar, thanks Ap!

And on the last track of the album “Another train” ,written by Pete Morton,
my dearest Miss Karin Thoms sings together with me, thanks Karin!

Another day of mastering with Gerben and then “Mirror”is ready!

Keep you informed!!


Johnny Verger
Dear musicfriends,(20-10-2009)

Last Saturday 17th of November was a great evening for me, Phillip Goodhand Tait songwriter of many famous songs played in our own “Stables”!

And a great evening it was, the public was thrilled!

Radio R.O.B. will broadcast the concert one of these days (keep you informed) and taped it all with 4 cameras!

Oceans away/Bring it on back the good times/One road and ofcourse Leon, one of the songs of my new album “Mirror of forgotten dreams”!

Together we did “Leon”, a dream came true!!!

Phillip Goodhand Tait and Johnny Verger 18-10-2009

Dear musicfriends,(2-9-2009)

The title of my new album will be;


I’m very happy that Mr. Jankees Braam, wellknown because of his Ixion projects, will do my artwork!

The album will be out the beginning of December this year 2009!

Jan Kees Braam

Dear musicfriends,(9-6-2009)

Interesting times working on the new album, coming thursday 14th of May back in the studio again with my good friend Gerben Klazinga who is one of the best musicians I've ever met ( Knight Area).

Hopefully the album will be ready this summer!
Yesterday I was at present when the talented Merel Hutten introduced her new album "Take a walk" in Amsterdam Credo, she performed several numbers of the CD and she is great!
We're doing a show in February together in our "own" The Stables, Boskoop/ Holland, I'm looking forward!

Hoping to see you all upthere as well sometimes!
Lots of succes!

Johnny Verger (Hans Koster)
Boskoop, 09-06-2009

Dear musicfriends,

Last week I’ve recorded the 12th and last song of the new album together with my friend Gerben Klazinga in the Knight Area studio’s. Its a beautiful song written by Pete Morton (an English singer -songwriter) and its called ” Another Train”!
I’m looking forward to the final result!

Keep you informed,


Johnny V.